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Tricia is such a hero to so many--and that is why we have used her as an expert source in our publications and books. Our subscribers and books buyers have told us that her diet and nutrition programs work as well as any they have tried. In addition, we had Tricia appear on one of our successful long-form television promotions in order to touch more people with her message and systems

- Brian Kurtz
Direct Marketing
Titans Mastermind

 Tricia Cunningham, who is a leading national author, commentator, radio host, and life coach. Tricia maintains a broad range of skills that have been central to her success and continued professional ascent over the years. These include exceptional interpersonal communication skills, strategic thinking and planning, entrepreneurship, marketing and brand management, and media and media relations.

In her work, Tricia appears regularly on major national television and radio shows and has become a sophisticated spokesperson on current events, public policy, health care, and other related issues. I think very highly of Tricia, and I have often sought her counsel on various professional questions and decisions. I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation.

- Michael Johns
Healthcare executive  National public policy expert, analyst, and commentator

Tricia is an inspiration - she is high energy, motivated, and has the tenacity to turn things into reality!

- Betsy Vetter

American Heart Association

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