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Tricia Cunningham

Master Life Coach & Nutrition Expert 

Speaker & Author

No Excuses! Only Solutions! is an organization that promotes & advocates a thriving mindset for personal and professional growth insuring goal achievement and success. We also specialize in healthy lifestyles, equine therapy, weight loss & management, childhood obesity, health awareness, and prevention of chronic diseases. We provide education & support to schools, churches, hospitals, businesses, our armed forces, and the general community through public speaking engagements, equine therapy, personally designed programs, both private & group coaching. Our organization also works closely with our members, professionals, & the community on how to get involved and bring these issues to the public for a solution. We are always supporting other health & vitality organizations as well through volunteer efforts, fundraising, and advocacy.

Over the last 23 years,  Coach Tricia has brought her success story, as well as support and motivation, to others seeking to change their lives through redesign, ministry, weight loss, and following visions. She continues to encourage and educate others with her "No excuses! Only solutions!" approach.

Tricia Cunningham's book, co-authored with Heidi Skolnik, "The Reverse Diet", has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, 700 Club, Extra, Inside Edition, Discovery Health, an infomercial with Hugh Downs, local, national, and international news broadcasts, print, and radio. She has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their ultimate goals, overcoming obstacles, fear, and to public service.

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Teaching and learning are not only my passions,  yet also defining aspects of my life. Even with many years of professional experience, I continue seeking ways to expand my knowledge so I can provide the best support to my clients. My personalized approach ensures that no matter your skill level, I can help you grow and achieve success.


Coach Tricia 

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