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Here is the breakthrough diet plan that has people all across North America eating better, losing weight, and getting healthier. Now you can stop counting calories, avoiding carbs, and feeling deprived. Eat dinner for breakfast and shed pounds! If you’ve been a yo-yo dieter and nothing seems to work, this terrific new diet plan allows you to lose 20, 50, 100 pounds or even more for good, simply by reversing your meals. Dozens of tasty, easy recipes are included.


The adage "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper" inspired this book, for Cunningham, a motivational speaker who lost 172 pounds in nine months with that approach. She and coauthor Skolnik, a nutritionist, met while filming a food-centric segment for Good Morning America, and have paired up to recommend a lifestyle change that emphasizes fueling up with a larger meal early in the day and, in the later hours, replenishing as needed via snacks and smaller meals. While much of the duo's advice is not new (whole foods are preferable to processed ones, eat more vegetables, avoid sugary sodas), it is intriguing. Food lists, portion information and recipes help with planning ahead-- preparing meals ahead of time is also key, the authors say. A section on setting realistic goals aims to help readers manage their expectations, and recommendations for using a "hunger scale" encourage mindfulness. (Jan.) ("Publishers Weekly," December 11, 2006)

From the Inside Flap

Have you tried diets on which you lost weight at first but eventually it crept back? If you've been a yo-yo dieter and nothing seems to work, this terrific new diet plan allows you to lose 20, 50, 100 pounds or even more for good, simply by reversing your meals. With The Reverse Diet, you fuel your body in the morning-- when you need energy the most-- then have healthy snacks and a hearty lunch, and finally eat a refreshing light meal for dinner. The Reverse Diet allows you to enjoy delicious and satisfying foods, reduce cravings, and lose as much weight as you want while improving how you look and feel.

The Reverse Diet combines Tricia Cunningham's real-life experience of losing more than 150 pounds with nutritionist Heidi Skolnik's expert knowledge and years of practical work with hundreds of clients. While most diets focus only on weight loss, the Reverse Diet lets you drop pounds while giving you the crucial skills to be inspired, overcome temptations and obstacles, and eat well for life-- not just for weeks or months. Based on an eating plan that includes healthy, satisfying whole foods, the Reverse Diet consists of three phases designed to help you escape yo-yo dieting cycles for good.

In the Reverse Diet Weight-Loss Phase, which includes extensive meal plans, you'll learn how to: Determine the goal weight that's right for you Eat healthily with scrumptious breakfast snacks, a great lunch, and a small dinner Choose nutritious foods from the extensive Reverse Diet Food List Break through your emotional and motivational obstacles

Once you reach your goal weight, the Reverse Diet Bridge Phase, which also includes special meal plans, shows you how to: Reintroducehigher-calorie foods you might think you can't eat on a diet Maintain a balanced, healthy weight Handle slip-ups

In the Reverse Diet for Life Phase, you'll discover how to: Maintain your motivation, set new goals, and enjoy your new lifestyle Celebrate the wonderful new you

Cunningham and Skolnik make this breakthrough plan even easier with dozens of tasty and easy recipes, tips for handling plateaus and problems, advice on dining out, and online community and support opportunities. So reverse your meals, habits, and health for the better-- let The Reverse Diet be your ultimate guide to losing the pounds for good.

From the Back Cover

Enjoy delicious foods, reduce cravings, and lose weight!

"The Reverse Diet is a smart and effective way to lose weight???and keep it off."

Lisa Callahan, M.D., author of The Fitness Factor

"A simple, smart concept that will help people rethink the way they eat."

Matt Bean, Senior Editor, Men's Health magazine

The Reverse Diet Book

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